Defect List Index

QCAR6Cartesian productPerformance
QFIB6Force index with bad indexPerformance
QBGB6Bad group byMisc
MBPA6Not a parameter of this procMisc
QTJ26Table only appears in outer join clauseMisc
MTDS6Too Many Database SwitchesMisc
MURC6Unreachable CodeMisc
MPTW6Param passed by name twiceVariable
VNDC6Variable is not declaredVariable
PERR6Parsing ErrorRegular
QJWI5Join or Sarg Without IndexPerformance
MRIT5Return in TransactionMisc
QIMO5Table is inner member of outer join and regular member of join at the same levelMisc
MUTS5Update of Timestamp columnMisc
QCAS4Cartesian product with single rowPerformance
QTYP4Comparison type mismatchPerformance
QCSC4Costly 'select count()', use 'exists()'Performance
QPUI4Join or Sarg with Un-Rooted Partial Index UsePerformance
QPR14Potential Recompilation: index creation after access to tablePerformance
QHNU4Unbalanced Optimizer HintPerformance
QFPU4Unclosed Force planPerformance
MTYP4Assignment type mismatchMisc
MBRV4Bad return value [-1-99]Misc
MCTR4Conditional Begin Tran or Commit TranMisc
MCPC4Copy Paste CodeMisc
MEST4Empty String will be replaced by Single SpaceMisc
QFIN4Force index through index numberMisc
MMCN4Potentially Misleading Column NamingMisc
TNOI4Table with no indexMisc
TNOU4Table with no unique indexMisc
MUTT4Unbalanced Temp Table Creation/DropMisc
MINU4Unique Index with nullable columnsMisc
MUSP4Unquoted String ParameterMisc
MURP4Unrecognized pragmaMisc
QUDW4Update or delete with no where clauseMisc
MULT4Using literal database 'tempdb'Misc
Q1214V12 Compat #1: Having containing outer joinMisc
Q1224V12 Compat #2: Correlated subquery with outer joinMisc
Q1234V12 Compat #3: Conjunct with inner table and join order independent tableMisc
VOVR4Variable is an input param and is overwrittenVariable
VUWR4Variable is an output param and is not written toVariable
VRUN4Variable is read and not initializedVariable
QDIS3Check correct use of 'select distinct'Performance
QUNI3Check Use of 'union' vs 'union all'Performance
QFAP3Force abstract planPerformance
QFID3Force indexPerformance
QFPL3Force planPerformance
QMTB3From clause with many tablesPerformance
QJWT3Join or Sarg Without Index on temp tablePerformance
QPRI3Join or Sarg with Rooted Partial Index UsePerformance
QHNT3Optimizer HintPerformance
QSWV3Sarg with variablePerformance
QISO3Set isolation levelPerformance
QTLO3Top-Level ORPerformance
MNEJ3'Not Equal' joinMisc
QAPT3Access to Proxy TableMisc
MAW13Ad hoc Warning 1Misc
MAW23Ad hoc Warning 2Misc
MAW33Ad hoc Warning 3Misc
MAW43Ad hoc Warning 4Misc
MAW53Ad hoc Warning 5Misc
MAW63Ad hoc Warning 6Misc
MAW73Ad hoc Warning 7Misc
MAW83Ad hoc Warning 8Misc
MAW93Ad hoc Warning 9Misc
MLCH3Char type with length>30Misc
MUIN3Column created using implicit nullabilityMisc
QCRS3Conditional Result SetMisc
QCTC3Conditional Table CreationMisc
CUNU3Cursor not updated: cursor should contain 'for read only' clauseMisc
CUUP3Cursor updated: cursor should contain 'for update' clauseMisc
CUSU3Cursor updated through 'searched update': risk of halloween rowsMisc
MGTP3Grant to publicMisc
QGWO3Group by/Distinct/Union without order byMisc
MIIO3Index overlapMisc
QIWC3Insert with not all columns specifiedMisc
MBLI3Integer Value of Binary Literal is Platform DependantMisc
QPSC3Join on same columnMisc
NCER3Naming Convention ErrorMisc
QPNC3No column in conditionMisc
QNCO3No column in result setMisc
MNER3No Error CheckMisc
MNAC3Not using ANSI 'is null'Misc
QNAJ3Not using ANSI Inner JoinMisc
QNAO3Not using ANSI Outer JoinMisc
QONC3On clause does not refer introduced tableMisc
MDYN3Proc uses Dynamic SQL but is not flagged with Dynamic Ownership ChainMisc
QRPR3Repeated predicateMisc
QNAM3Select expression has no nameMisc
QNUA3Should use Alias:Misc
QTJ13Table only appears in inner join clauseMisc
MUBC3Unbalanced begin tran/commit tranMisc
MUPK3Update column which is part of a PK or unique indexMisc
CSBI3Updated Cursor should contain insensitive clauseMisc
MUUF3Update or Delete with Useless From ClauseMisc
MUOT3Updates outside transactionMisc
MUTI3Update temptable with identity - 12.5.4 RegressionMisc
MUCO3Useless CodeMisc
QAFM3Var Assignment from potentially many rowsMisc
MZMB3Zombie: use of non-existent objectMisc
VNRD3Variable is not readVariable
VUNU3Variable is not usedVariable
MSUC2Correlated Subquery MarkerMisc
MCWR2Create Proc With Recompile MarkerMisc
MDRV2Derived Table MarkerMisc
MDYE2Dynamic Exec MarkerMisc
MDYS2Dynamic SQL MarkerMisc
MEWR2Exec With Recompile MarkerMisc
CRDO2Read Only Cursor MarkerMisc
MRST2Result Set MarkerMisc
MSTT2Shared Temptable MarkerMisc
MSUB2Subquery MarkerMisc
CUPD2Updatable Cursor MarkerMisc
MSTA2Use of Star MarkerMisc
MTR12Metrics: Comments RatioMetrics
MTR22Metrics: Cyclomatic ComplexityMetrics
MTR32Metrics: Query ComplexityMetrics