sybsystemprocssp_ha_check_certified  14 déc. 14Defects Propagation Dependencies

2     create or replace procedure sp_ha_check_certified
3         @proc_name varchar(100),
4         @ha_certified tinyint
5     as
7         declare @IN_install tinyint /* Is installmaster/installhasvss
8         ** in progress ?
9         */
10        set nocount on
11        select @IN_install = 0
13        /* See if we are using HA specific SP for a HA enabled server */
15        if ((@@cmpstate > 0) and (@ha_certified = 0))
16        begin
17            if (exists (select 1 from tempdb.dbo.sysobjects where
18                            name = 'ha_temp_install' and type = 'U'))
19            begin
20                select @IN_install = 1
21            end
23            /*
24            ** During installmaster/installhasvss, we do not want to raise
25            ** an error when a non HA version of the SP is invoked.
26            */
27            if (@IN_install = 0)
28            begin
29                /*raiserror 18842, @@servername, @proc_name */
30                print "Server '%1!' is booted with 'enable HA configuration option', but the procedure '%2!' is not of HA version. Please check if 'installhasvss' has been run.", @@servername, @proc_name
31                return (1)
32            end
33        end
35        set nocount off
36        return (0)

exec sp_procxmode 'sp_ha_check_certified', 'AnyMode'
 MULT 4 Using literal database 'tempdb' tempdb..sysobjects 17
 MGTP 3 Grant to public tempdb..sysobjects  
 MUCO 3 Useless Code Useless Brackets 15
 MUCO 3 Useless Code Useless Brackets 17
 MUCO 3 Useless Code Useless Brackets 27
 MUCO 3 Useless Code Useless Brackets 31
 MUCO 3 Useless Code Useless Brackets 36
 QPRI 3 Join or Sarg with Rooted Partial Index Use SARG Candidate index: sysobjects.ncsysobjects unique
(name, uid)
Intersection: {name}
 MSUB 2 Subquery Marker 17
 MTR1 2 Metrics: Comments Ratio Comments: 29% 2
 MTR2 2 Metrics: Cyclomatic Complexity Cyclo: 6 = 6dec - 2exi + 2 2
 MTR3 2 Metrics: Query Complexity Complexity: 19 2

reads table tempdb..sysobjects (1)  

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